Most people don’t know how to register online cyber crime complaint. You can register your Complaint on this website. This website comes under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.

In this article, I Would like to explain to you about how to register a cyber crime complaint in India.

Online cyber crime complaint

Before registering the complaint, You should know what is cyber crime?

Cybercrime is a crime of directly or indirectly inflicting physical or mental damage on an individual or group who seek to destroy them through modern internet computer technology.

Online Harassment, Unauthorized access to computer content, Privacy breach, No-readable information to the public, without license or certificate, intellectual property sale and publication on online.

Theft of computer source code, Computer and Information Systems harm, Cyber extortion.

Backdoor, Denial of service attack, Eavesdropping, Spoofing, Privilege escalation, Phishing, Social engineering or social skill attacks, wishing.

This is all main type of cybercrime.

I assume that you have basic information about cybercrime?

Now I Would like to explain to you step by step how to register an online complaint.

Step 1. visit this website

Go to Google and type in search box

Online cyber crime complaint

Click on the cyber crime portal, which is the first option.

After that you will be on National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Step 2 National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal


Online cyber crime complaint

Can be seen in the image above after that please go down there and you will find the Filing a Complaint on National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal option.

Step 3 Click on File a complaint option

After going down, you will find a paragraph in short that says:

  • This portal caters to complaints relating to cyber-crimes only concentrating especially on cyber crimes against women and children.
  • This portal is a drive of the Government of India to help victims and complainants to report cyber-crime complaints online.
  • Please call local police in case of an emergency or for reporting crimes other than cyber-crimes.
  • Complaints reported on this portal are dealt with by law or act enforcement departments or police based on the information available in the complaints.
Online cyber crime complaint

After that, you will see steps to go through the Reporting Portal in right side an option File a complaint Click on it.

Step 4 click on I Accept

Online cyber crime complaint 2

Before you click on, I Accept, I request you please see Frequently Asked Questions about FAQ and Privacy Policy.

Please provide accurate information if you provided the wrong information then you are liable to penal actions under Indian Laws.

Step 5 choose appropriate option

After click on, I Accept then you are moving to next page.

Please scroll down.

And You will get Two options Report Cyber Crime Related to Women or Child this is first option and second option is Report Other Cyber Crime, Please select correct option.

Online cyber crime complaint

Report Anonymously

Report Cyber Crime Related to Women Child The first option will be Report Anonymously in which you will keep your identity secret.

After click on report anonymously you will see below screen.

Report Anonymously

Please provide correct information and click on save and next.

Report and track

Please sign up if you new user.

Report Cyber Crime Related to Women Child The second option will be reported and track in which you will able directly report your complaint and also track.

Report other cyber crime

apart from Cyber Crime Related to Women and Child, you can report your cyber-crime here.

Almost same Please sign up if you new user.

Please fill correct information and submit.

Step 6 citizen login

Citizen login here, you have to select your state, and provide the login ID and submit your mobile number, After submitting the mobile number, an OTP will appear on the mobile, submit it as well

Online cyber crime complaint

After that, you will have to solve sum.

Step 7 Provide incident details

After that solve sum, click on submit.

You will go to another page where you will have to fill some details

Incident details

Incident Details

Incident Details You have to fill some information like the category of complaint, a sub-category of complaint, date and time, etc.

Suspect Details

Suspect means a cybercriminal If you have any details of Suspect Details, then share it. If the details are there, then your case can be resolved as soon as possible.

Online cyber crime complaint

Complainant Details

Complainant Details In this, you will have to fill in your information such as name, mobile number, gender, date of birth, the relationship between you and victim, full address.

Complainant Details

Preview and Submit

After filling the Complainant Details, click on Save and Next, after that you will see your complaint preview please check all information before submission.

If everything is correct, then click on I Agree.

After that, you will get the Complaint Number.

Track cyber crime online complaint status

Initially, I told you; please sign up and create an account on on this official cybercrime reporting portal website.

How to track your complaint status?

After logging on to website, you will get the option.

Check on below image.

Track cyber crime online complaint status

Information Resource

Whatever information you have received so far, all information and image Indian cybercrime was collected from this website.

Before taking any decision, you must visit the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal website.

This post all the credit of this post goes to website.


Online cyber crime complaint: Cases of cyber-crime are increasing in India, especially in 2020. There may be many reasons for increasing cyber-crime, but now everyone will have to stay alert. Everyone should recognize basis Cybercrime and Cyber Security Information.

Cybercrime can be a big problem for India in the coming times because it has the highest internet users here. What is your opinion about this, write in the comment below?

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